The newest member of the family

I haven’t written since something like November.  I kind of ran out of time – work seems to take steadily over my whole life, from 50 plus hours a week, it has been climbing, and that makes me wonder what will happen when it exceeds 168!  I had to explain, otherwise someone might start putting the title and the long silence together and jumping to the wrong conclusion.  No thank to that idea – son number 2 starts secondary school in the autumn.  I don’t nappies and all that faff again.  No.  The newest member of the family is already so old he’s borderline incontinent and is very noisy in his old ways.  He is officially for my zero birthday in the summer, but he won’t be magically new again for that or any other occasion, I am sure.  But interestingly, although he is ‘mine’, my husband seems to be spending a great deal of time and from the size of the shopping list, a great deal more money, on what is clearly HIS new hobby.  Take a look:

And I promise to try and post here again in under 6 months time!


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